In our vastly diverse world, one of the few things that still connects us all is sports.

Whether it’s the Olympics, the Super Bowl, World Cup, or even our favorite NCAA squads,

SPORTS gives people something to talk about.

We talk about our teams, our favorite athletes, our most hated rivals.

We show off our sports knowledge and are always looking to learn more.

We argue with friends and even strangers about which athlete is better or worse.

We even take notice about what our sports heroes are doing when they are off the field.

And everyone has an opinion on something,

whether they are a hard-core sports fanatic or a casual fan.

Now there’s a place where anyone who is a fan of sports can share, compare, celebrate and commiserate about anything and everything related to their favorite teams.


Fandom Sports Media Corp, formerly Hatch Interactive Technologies Corp, is an aggregator, curator and producer of fan-focused content offered on a category-specific, social network and delivered through a mobile application. The Company focuses on FanDom Sports platform, which is a social network platform delivered through a mobile application. The Company’s mobile application, FanDom Sports media is a fan engagement platform that gives users the ability to interact fellow sports fanatics, bloggers, athletes and tastemakers. The Company’s FanDom operates on a mobile device, including Android or iPhone Operating System (IOS) to target super fans, who seeks to show the world that they know the sports. The Company’s FanDom focuses on collaborating with sports teams, television networks and online sports personalities. It offers FightCourt, which is a social media platform that offers an online arena for those that want to fight it out online in a social, fun and productive manner.

Fandom Sports Media Corp

Canadian Securities Exchange:FDMCanada

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Our recommendation was made on January 1, 2017 @ $ 0.06

The current price is @ $0.280 but we are projecting FanDom Sports to be trading

above $ 1.50 by Launch date. Launch is in Santa Monica, California on July 11, 2017


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Graph June 10, 2017 – Closing price of $0.280

June 16, 2017 – Stock price went up to $0.36 and closed at the price of $0.310


June 23, 2017 – Stock Price closed @ $0.365


Click above Stock Chart July 7, 2017 – Price Closed @ $0.365




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Author: richgerochi

About Me (The Author): Ricardo P. Gerochi I am the oldest son of my namesake father Atty. Ricardo J. Gerochi and Concepcion Pasquin. My parents passed away and were interned in Canada. My 3 brothers and 1 sister lives in the Philippines, my 2 brothers and 1 sister lives in Canada. All my siblings are married with children except Eleanor in Canada who is still Single. I retired from TD Bank after working for 25 years. I’m truly thankful for the countless blessings I have. I met my wonderful wife in Governor’s Office while being employed as Liaison Officer. We have our only so n Michael married to Daniela with a beautiful 13 years old daughter Erica and a son Justin that will be 10 in August 16 this year. We couldn’t be more happy living in a prosperous city of T oronto, Canada wherein we have a healthy environment and a peaceful life. I love spending time with family and meeting other great people. Chess is my favorite board game. I love watching basketball and boxing, fishing, keeping and improving my physical shape by hiking. My favorite athlete is Manny Pacqiao and I enjoy spending time helping people and living life to the fullest. I am fortunate to have good health and after working 30 years working in financial industry l still work part-time helping affiliates build their home - based business in the Internet. This freedom allows me to spend as much time together with my family as we want doing the things we love like playing together with the kids and traveling with the family at our leisure. Ricardo P. Gerochi Manager Richgerochi International

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